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The Most Popular Roman Blinds Brands

If you have decided that you want to install Roman blinds (or Laskosverhot) in your home, you have made a wise decision. These blinds are very attractive, and they offer plenty of functionality as well. They can add value to any home.

With that said, there are a lot of different brands to choose from. If you are currently looking at blinds, you will want to pay close attention to want these three brands have to offer:

Elegant Home Fashions

If you’re looking for something that is simple, stylish, and affordable, then you will be very pleased with this brand. Their blinds have a classic look, but feel very modern at the same time. In addition, their blinds are excellent at blocking out the sunlight. You should work with them if you are searching for blinds to use in a media room.


Bali is one of the best known names when it comes to blinds, and for good reason. The variety that they offer to their consumers is truly impressive. Bali has blinds that will work for any room in the house, and blinds that will work with all kinds of windows. You can get exactly what you want if you decide to get your blinds from them.


Do you want roman blinds made from natural materials? If so, then you will want to look at the kinds of products that homeBASICS is selling. Many of their blinds are made from all-natural materials, such as linen.

Now that you know what kind of blinds you should be looking at, you can work to choose the right window coverings for you. There are many excellent roman blinds on the market, and you should easily be able to find a brand that offers the kinds of products that you want.