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What Is The Difference Between Ninebot And Segway?

If you are wondering about the difference between Ninebot and Segway, you should know that there is none. While they are two different brands of the same electric scooters and hoverboards, the truth is that they are owned by the same company, the Chinse phone manufacturer Xiaomi. But it wasn’t like that at all a few years back.

Segway is the original company. And by original, we do mean that it was the company that made the first electric scooter and hoverboard, however, Segway had been too arrogant to make affordable models of their products, focusing only on the military market. Ninebot, however, took the cue and made different models in quick succession, making them a great hit across different generations – from teenagers to middle-aged men who like toys for big boys.

It wasn’t long after Ninebot’s success ate up the market share of Segway, and it didn’t take long before Xiaomi bought all of Segway. So, if you are wondering about the difference Ninebot and Segway, there are none. Both are owned by the same company that makes affordable smartphones. If you search for “Segway” on Amazon, you will see that the electric scooters, kickboards, and hoverboards that come up in the search results are Ninebot’s.

If you are in the market for any of the products offered by Ninebot/Segway, we like to say that you can never go wrong if you buy them. They are of high-quality and are built with stainless steel. This strong build is coupled with a great design that should give you bragging rights. The only catch, though, is that this brand is rather expensive. For example, the hoverboards cost $300 each while other brands cost $100. Scooters, on the other hand, cost $700. But these prices are the prices listed on Amazon. If you want to get a better price, you can – and should – check out the prices at the other websites.

But then again, you only get what you pay for. And what you get is a product that you can control with your smartphone using an app developed by Xiaomi. It’s a classic move on the part of the company. By tying their devices to an app, it can gather data on their users’ behavior and this data is something that they can use to further improve their products, or even better, improve their products.