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My Brother Called To Ask About The 3 Best Wireless Gaming Routers For Heavy Duty Gamers

My brother called me from college to ask me about the three best router for gaming for heavy duty gamers. I was honestly a little shocked about this, because he’s always made it a point of trying to figure things out on his own, even though he knows I work IT and have always been the computer guy in the family.

However, I think the whole college experience is overwhelming him. He hasn’t been on campus long, and I guess maybe there was comfort in hearing a familiar voice or turning to someone for advice on anything.

It looks like his dorm mate and the guys in the next room all want to go in on one router so they can play video games together. I’m glad he’s making at least a small group of friends that are close by. That will make life on campus a lot easier.

The only problem is that I wasn’t sure immediately how to answer his question. I use wired connections for my own gaming at home, but he couldn’t do that with the dorm room next door. There’s a wall between them.

I asked around at work all day and got some good suggestions though, so I can definitely suggest 3 good wireless gaming routers for him and heavy duty gaming friends.